Saturday, July 9, 2011

Roasty Toasty

Friday Josh and I went downtown to The Roasterie. They roast and package coffee at the Roasterie so it smelled pretty fabulous. We toured The Roasterie and learned all about making coffee!

We got plenty of coffee samples! Josh became a ball of energy after this tour!!

We got to wear some super stylish hairnets during the tour since they were actively roasting coffee while we were there. No one wants Josh hair flavored coffee. At the end of the tour, Josh wanted to keep his hairnet, but I made him get rid of it. I am a mean wife.

Here is a picture of Josh modeling his fabulous hairnet next to a big-o-bag of unroasted coffee beans! They also had these huge barrels of freshly roasted coffee which smelled really yummy!

After learning about and loading up on caffeine, we headed down to westport to get some yummy gyros and hummus. No pictures were taken as we were too busy stuffing our faces with deliciousness from the Jerusalem Cafe.

After lunch we went out to The Legends outlet to find Josh some pants to take to Germany so that he doesn't have to look like the typical American tourist. I talked him into getting a basic pair of black pants at Banana Republic! Pretty proud of that!

We finished off our day with frozen yogurt and and grocery shopping and then I came home and went to sleep!!!

As always, Dougal was waiting for us when we got home!

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