Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Germany part 4: Dachau

Thursday, we took a break from our super fun Germany trip to have a super unfun trip to Dachau. While not exactly a fun thing to do, we thought it was an important stop in Germany. For this tour, we went back to the same tour company that did our Oktoberfest tour. We had a great tour guide who gave us lots of history about Dachau and the other concentration camps.
Josh and I on a train!!! Only fun part of the trip. I love trains!

Entrance to Dachau concentration camp.
Work sets you free

Rebuilt barracks 

Guard tower

site of destroyed barracks 

"shower room"


 Grave of Thousands Unknown

This tour gave us a lot to think about. It is amazing that this could ever happen, that people could ever let this happen. I am glad that Germany didn't bulldoze these camps to the ground. We need to remember.

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  1. There was some dude in our group that was worried about not being fed on this tour.