Friday, April 1, 2016

As Ruby is our greatest, most excellent adventure yet, I figured I would use this blog to hep keep friends and family updated on her busy, ever changing life. She's currently four months old and learning and growing daily. I will try and make a big boring post about her updates today and then (hopefully) update frequently with lots of pictures in the coming weeks!

  • Tongue/lip tie- Ruby has been making great strides in relearning how to suck. She's still got a few hurdles left to overcome. We have taken her back to the pediatric dentist twice and he has given her the all clear. Her revision looks great and has healed well. This was a huge relief because we thought we might have to do it again. Ruby's chiropractor also thinks she is doing great and we have extended our sessions to only once a month (down from twice a week). She still "clicks" at the bottle which is a sign that her jaw muscles are still not as strong as they need to be. I try and give her her pacifier all the time to work on sucking...and I know I will have a huge battle ahead of me when we need to take that darn pacifier away from her in the future! When she cries, her tongue also lifts asymmetrically. This was the reason that we thought her tongue had reattached and would require another revision. Turns out, this is related to her jaw muscles not being strong enough on the left side. She can lift the left side as high as the right, but it takes her a few seconds of screaming to lift it as high. Also, when she sleeps, I have noticed that she still wants to keep her tongue on the floor of her mouth. Try something: Close your mouth and breath normally through your mouth. Now, notice where your tongue rests. It's on the roof of your mouth where it should be! Every now and again, I catch her tongue in the proper position so I know she can do it! hopefully, this continues to improve as well.

  • Sleep: This question always comes up! "Is she sleeping through the night?" Well, my answer to that is....sorta. We have started sleep training with her. She's a big fat-fatty right now who eats plenty during the day. She actually might be eating too much! So when she wakes up at 2am wanting to eat again, it's out of habit and not necessity. We have started going into her room and giving her her pacifier and she goes back to sleep. Sometimes we go in 5-10 times a night...sometimes it's just three times a night. She's never screaming, just fussing, and half the time her eyes are closed. Last night she slept from 1030pm-0600am and I think I only went in her room three times. YAY!!! I can't stand to do the "cry it out" method. I figure if she's actually crying, or doesn't stop after giving her her pacifier, then she actually needs something. Josh thinks she manipulating us...I keep trying to tell him that she doesn't have the higher reasoning skills needed for manipulation....yet.
  • Food: baby girl loves her food. She currently eats about 30oz a day which is A LOT. 1/3 of that is breastmilk and the rest is our super magical formula from Germany that is made out of rainbows and unicorn farts. It's great stuff and it makes her tummy very happy! She still spits up everywhere...but I think that's just Ruby being Ruby. We do lots of laundry around here.
(fatty McFatpants, mayor of chubbyville)
  • Booty: Since the horrible 6 week long diaper rash has cleared up, her booty has been rash free. In an effort to be somewhat hippy-crunchy-granola, we clean her booty with water and a mixture of jojoba infused with chamomile, and lavender and tea tree essential oils. Then we use coconut oil as a diaper cream. Her booty smells good, y'all!!!  Also, we are using cloth diapers at home which is a pain and also awesome at the same time. 
  • Likes: Ruby loves car rides and stroller rides. They are her favorite. Seriously. If she's being fussy at home, I will strap her into the stroller and just walk around the living room. It works instantly. She also likes being outside. Take a fussy Roo to the backyard and she will shut up! It's magic. She also likes playing peek-a-boo (I'll try and post that video later). She loves getting her diaper changed (well, if you got all that magical, smelly good stuff rubbed on your butt, you would too!)
  • Dislikes: Being hungry. For real. I stop her half way through her bottle to burp her and it's like I'm killing her. She screams and screams until I put the bottle in. Girl likes her food. That's about it...she's a pretty happy baby....unless she's hungry or tired. Just like momma!

  • developmental milestones: She's checking all the boxes :) She can roll from her tummy to her back, has great head control, and loves to stand up (assisted). Also, anything and everything goes into her mouth now. Her hands, my hands, blankets, toys....everything! She will probably be starting solids soon. She's such a big girl now. She also laughs now, which is about the most adorable thing in the world. 

I think I've hit the highlights of what's going on with her. Next week is her four month check up so I will have some stats to share then. 

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