Sunday, May 1, 2016

A few big changes have happened here in the Harding/Bulloc household. Ruby turned 5 months old!!! I can't believe she's so big! I am torn between wanting to keep her small and squishy forever and wanting to see who she will become as she grows! For now, I love the squishy cheeks. She weighs about 14lbs, and I swear 10 of those pounds are in her cheeks. She is developing quite the little personality. She's a happy little turd that loves stroller rides, baths, and FOOD!

Speaking of food, we started her on solids last week. Her first food was avocado. Yum! She loved it!!! Couldn't get enough. She made a huge mess because she was trying to help feed herself.

First food!!  (click for a video of her eating! I hope!)

I mushed up avocado and mixed it with formula for 4 days and then we moved on to sweet potato! Sweet potato was met with an instant smile. She gobbled up all that I offered her and might have eaten more!

We did another 4 days of sweet potatoes and tomorrow we are moving on to banana :) Josh is very excited about her eating banana. He wants to make sure he's home when I offer it to her. After banana, we will do pears and then peas, green beans, and butternut squash. I am enjoying making all her baby food. It's not hard, and it saves a ton of money! I spent 20 dollars today on organic produce and frozen organic veggies and I have enough food to last her all month!!

Ruby is so very close to rolling over. She gets up on her side but can't quite make it over yet. I am sure will be rolling all over the place soon! We will put her on the floor in the living room and then go into the kitchen to get something and when we get back, she will be a good foot away from where we left her and in a totally different position! Same thing happens in her crib! She bounces all over that thing and we are constantly having to pull her off the rails of her crib.

Everything, and I do mean everything, goes into her mouth these days. She just recently found her feet....and you guessed it...into the mouth they go!!!

She's sweet and precious and totally squishy. We love her lots. 

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