Monday, May 16, 2016

adventures in solids

We have been working with Ruby on eating solids :) It's been hit or miss. We have been trying single foods for 3-4 each to make sure she doesn't have any type of allergic reaction. I've made all her food at home, and it's been surprisingly easy.

We started with avocado. The first night, Ruby thought it was the greatest thing ever. She kept grabbing the spoon to "help" me. She ended up being a big, green mess and we weren't sure exactly how much she got in her belly. The next night, she wasn't as into the food as before but I think she was tired. The third night, she ate half an avocado!!!

Next up was sweet potatoes. They were the greatest thing since sliced bread....except she's never had sliced bread, so they were the greatest thing since avocado. I actually got a smile on her face after the first spoonful. Fun fact about sweet stains. So now we have lots of burp cloths and bibs that are stained orange!

Banana was up next. Josh was really excited to see her eat this one. She liked bananas, but not as much as she liked the other two. I think she managed to finish her 2 ounces of bananas each night, but she wasn't as excited about it as I thought she was going to be.

(notice the orange staining)

The next thing I cooked up were some seriously delicious, ripe, and juicy organic pears. They were so flavorful and yummy that I wanted to eat them myself....but I gave them to my baby who was underwhelmed. I'm not sure she finished her pears on any of the nights. Little turd.

(what the hell did you just feed me??)

Following pears, I baked a butternut squash and mooshed it up for her. She LOOOOOVED butternut squash. She plowed through her 2 ounces and probably would have eaten more. I was really glad that she liked this one because it was a lot more time intensive than the others and I managed to burn myself with boiling water while cooking it.

Peas. My baby likes peas. She really, really liked peas. She doesn't like pears, but she likes peas. She is weird.

So far solids has been fun. She likes it, but doesn't love it. She will eat 2 ounces but never really seems hungry for more. On a few occasions, she has been too hungry and just wanted her milk or too tired and just wanted a nap. Up next are green beans, carrots, and apples. If I had to guess, I would say she's going to love the carrots (yay for orange food), tolerate the beans, and be unimpressed with the apples. Because she's weird. 

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