Monday, July 2, 2012

New Orleans Part 3

When we decided to go to New Orleans, Josh had only two things he really wanted to do. The first was go to a Plantation. The other was a swamp tour. Now I was down with the Plantation tour, but a swamp tour didn't sound like my cup of sounded hot, and muggy, and buggy. I really didn't think I would enjoy going to the swamp (because I am not a swamp kinda girl), but it turned out to be the most fun I had on the whole trip!!

An honest to God Cajun village. As our guide said..."if you hear banjo music, paddle faster" 

Comes complete with a Cajun Hot Tub :)

The first lesson I learned on the swamp (besides to paddle away from banjo music) was that alligators like marshmallows :)

In fact, alligators will come right up to your boat for these delicious treats.

After feeding some gators, we headed into the swamp. It was surprising cool and breezy and there weren't any bugs to speak of! No wonder I liked it!

It was also fairly pretty :)

Our guide was a little under the weather but he was still pretty funny. He even brought a long a little friend

Yup, that's my husband. "Josh Bulloc: The Alligator Hunter"

I aint skeered
I also held the gator, but I was the only gal on the boat brave enough.

Look a bird....oh wait...who cares. Where are the gators?

Found one!!!!

This handsome fella goes by the name of Brutus and is one of two males that live in this part of the swamp. Fun fact...the males are very territorial and eat all the young males so that the only gators are female. Makes for good dating odds :)

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