Monday, July 2, 2012

New Orleans part 4

Our trip was coming to and end and we still had so much to see! One of the last things we did was a cemetery tour. I chose to go with a tour group for a few reasons. A group is safety in numbers which is important because the tombs are above ground with lots of little places for people people to hide and jump out at you and yell boo (or steal your wallet). A tour also gives you information with out me having to read! (yay)

cause that's not creepy at all

this seriously looks like a good place to make brick oven pizza

some of the tombs were rather crumbly 

Condos!!! Not joking!

I wondered if the fences were to keep people out...or in

A bunch of really heavy things built on squishy land....what could go wrong?

Nicholas Cage will one day become brick oven pizza in this tomb!

Beware the Voo Doo 

Marie Laveau's tomb. Know who she is? I didn't either...that's why I took a tour! She's a voo doo queen....or to respect the tomb :)

Unfortunately, the cemetery is on concrete and walled it's incredibly hot and there is no air flow to speak of. This works great for the dead people who basically cook down to ash in their toasty little tomb/ovens. This does not work great for the living, however. Josh and I were sweating bullets after this tour...we were practically dead ourselves! We headed for a quick lunch and cocktail and then spent the rest of the day ridding a street car around the Garden District. This was probably about the dumbest thing we could have done because there was no a/c and I have a history of not tolerating the heat. I wasn't feeling to great after this day so we turned in early.

We got up insanely early to head back to our darling baby boy who had spent the weekend at "camp". Everyone was exhausted. Josh told me once we were home that he always feels like he needs a vacation from my vacations :) Maybe one day I will plan a vacation where all we do is sit on a beach, but I don't think it will be anytime soon! There is just so much to see and we haven't even scratched the surface!

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