Monday, July 2, 2012

New Orleans

May 26 marked our 5th year anniversary and we decided to take a little trip. We wanted to go somewhere fun with lots of site seeing and activities and New Orleans fit the bill. We stayed in a B&B on Bourbon Street so we were within walking distance to all the fun the french quarter had to offer. We spent our first afternoon walking up and down the colorful streets.

After a very long, hot afternoon we headed out for a night of ghost hunting on a night tour of the French Quarter.

They gave us little bat fans since it was about 200 degrees outside. Josh was confused on how to use them.

A bunch of naughty little boy ghosts are supposed to haunt this hotel and mess with all the guests 

 This is house had a really nasty history and we were told there we many restless spirits here. I like to think I captured some "orbs" with my camera. Josh likes to think I had a dirty camera lens. We may never know.

This building just looks cool :)

I was worried the Ghost Tour would be a little cheesy but our guide was a lot of fun. She told us a lot of history which is always appreciated when in a new place. Josh and I headed back for some sleep shortly after the tour was over since we had a lot of super fun planned for the next day.

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  1. I want to stay in that yellow house and don't forget we saw the traffic tranny on our way to the b&b,